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Hello beauties,

the store mission is to honor, respect, and build trust amongst each other. to help provide good quality

handmade eyelashes and to Feel confident about their glam look!

to enhance natural beauty that is already there!

Each pair of strip eyelashes are made with love.

Hands are washed before making

process, mask is worn, gloves are applied, and all

eyelashes are sterilized after being

made before being placed in packaging.



Our vendor lashes are top quality lashes directly from China. We use mink hair for

our false eyelashes.




Sexy Wink isn't responsible for

Covid-19, any health issues, or allergic reactions.

We strongly encourage those who are aware of allergies, to please don't use products that may expose you to a reaction.


Thank you for being a valued customer or current client to our company.




 SEXY WINK LLC loves to conduct professional business to be sure all parties are safe.

we ONLY have one Instagram and one email address

please be cautious on the internet as there are trolls that like to prey on newbies.

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