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All after care is told to each and every client in person and online for a reminder. Once you have been serviced after care is your responsibility. Keeping your extensions cleaned daily is a #1 priority, you can keep them clean with a lash bath. Brushing your eyelashes daily to keep them going in the same direction is suggested.
 AVOID- saunas, steamy bathroom during shower without a fan on, picking your eyelashes, sleeping on your face, and mascara on top of extensions. 
FILLS- You will need a fill every two weeks.
 however, after 1-2 fills you should get a brand-new set or a serum treatment to keep your natural eyelashes healthy.
ALLERGIC REACTION- If an allergic reaction has occurred you need to have the false eyelashes removed ASAP. If I'm unavailable to have them removed, you can go to the nearest ER or urgent care to have them removed and to have medical treatment to help with the reaction.
The sign of an allergic reaction is swollen eyes, non- stop watery eyes, red eyes. (Sometimes your eyes can be red but is NOT an allergic reaction. just apply eyedrops to help with sensitivity.)
EDUCATION- Please educate yourself about eyelash extension before getting them. Extensions aren't for everyone so that's why sexy wink LLC also have my handmade strips for clients who can't receive our service.

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