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Mrs. faith Harris autobiography

I'm Mrs. Faith Harris the Founder and Ceo of Sexy Wink LLC and Chief Executive Officer of Women of Faith Non-profit Organization.

I'm a 25-year-old who was born and raised in Columbia, Sc. I've relocated to the state of Colorado and now settling for the moment in North Carolina. I love God, poetry, being creative, nature, journaling, hiking, swimming, skating, car rides, traveling, studying history and culture, listening to music, serving others, designing our home, being adventurous, and enjoying peaceful moments of solitude.

I started working at the age of 14 years old. I graduated high school with my cosmetology license then proceeded to earn my nursing Assistant certification.  I later became inspired to make my heart desires legitimate. I founded Sexy Wink LLC in 2019 and Women of Faith in 2023. Both are inspired by my life's testimony of child sexual abuse. Speaking my truth in my early 20's led me more into my purpose to empower other women to self- care, self- love, self- healing through God, self- confidence through God, and to help build self- esteem through God. I EMBRACE my life testimonies along my beautiful journey of life to encourage, inspire, and empower women that "Beauty starts within." My difficulties did inspire me to seek healing spiritually through the holy spirit and mentally through therapy. Being courageous and vulnerable isn't easy as I am a very private person.  However, my vulnerability, courage, testimonies will all serve the purpose of God.

i HOPE reading my short autobiography help you to learn about me as an individual, daughter of God, Founder, CEO, and Chief Executive. 

Thank you! God bless you! 

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